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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Internet Alzheimers

I adore my former boss. He was/is a great man who taught me a lot of about myself and about careers and about life in general. He's a man of very few written words -- for very good reasons. So since he's been living in other states for the past 5+ years, it's rare that I get actual emails from him. I do know, however, that he is alive and well by the regular jokes and things that he forwards to everyone on his mailing list. If a few days go by without an email, I start to wonder what's going on with him. Vacation? Busy family? Downed computer?

Today I realized two things.:

1. Right now he must be responsible for about 35% of the traffic on the entire Internet right now ... the jokes and goofy stories just keep coming and coming (making me smile each time to hear our new mail notifer: "I love you Mommy").

2. I'm sure he's sent many of these jokes and stories at least a few times before. I can only imagine him sitting there, smiling as he reads these just before he forwards them around the world, never once realizing or caring that those of us on his mailing list have seen before.

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