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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Blame it on the babies, Part 1

I didn't realize that having children would make me such a square. But sure enough, I'm at the point where I'm regularly offended by what I see around me. And I'm not just talking about girls jumping on trampolines on "The Man Show." (Is that even still on???)

No, it doesn't take something so blatant to horrify me these days. A simple magazine cover will do. Take that recent People with Britney Spears and her boy and his daughter. The way the whole piece was presented was, "BZ meets her honey's babies for the first time." She's playing the part of evil stepmother beautifully. Big camera smile, laughing and being sweet to the girl while daddy and the media are around. The picture just looks so manufactured, stiff. As though the first time you meet your future stepmother is not awkward enough for any child, imagine having it captured on film for the whole (celebrity-loving) world to see.

Not to get all Dr. Laura on you, but this man's ex-girlfriend just popped out another baby of his, there was a picture inside the magazine of the two, and the caption read something like, "She's adjusting ... " How exactly do you adjust to the fact that you just gave birth to a baby, and your baby's daddy is off taking your other daughter to People magazine shoots with her stepmom? What does that birth announcement look like? "Mommy, Daddy and Stepmommy (and People Magazine) are pleased to announce the birth of ... "

Slow down, people. I'm not speaking as the product of a few divorces and other relationships gone bad. I'm thinking of the children. Hey, I could be wrong and the whole gang could live happily ever after. I'd like to be wrong, but somehow I doubt I am.

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