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Monday, October 18, 2004

Hal. I. Tosis.

A textbook rep just stopped by my office and as soon as I saw him I remembered how painful it was last time he dropped by. The boy (he looks to be fresh outta college) has the type of bad breath that fills a room. I am not exaggerating.

I think I know when my mouth stinks. Post coffee, pre brushing of the teeth. And sometimes after especially yummy foods. But I am aware of the problem. I will not give my husband passionate, good-morning kisses for his sake. I try to keep to myself when it feels like my tongue has a layer of scum covering it. I keep gum and Altoids at the ready for such special occasions.

How can one go through life as a salesperson with bad breath? I pity the kid because no one will be honest with him, I'm sure. He'll be fired for not meeting quota or goals, but the reason why he's not meeting them is that people cannot stand to be trapped in an 8-by-10 office with him for the time it takes to talk about the textbooks his company offers. I'm guilty. Really I'm not interested in the texts he sent, but I didn't even want to spend that much time in the room with him. It's that uncomfortable.

A quick postscript: The handy-dandy Blogger spellcheck didn't like the "Tosis" from the title above. It's suggested replacement? Toxic. Even the computer knows how bad this kid's problem is.

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