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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The power of pretend

When the girls play, either just the two of them of when friends come over, there is a magic word: Pretend.

Not that I'm eavesdropping (OK, I am), but it's just so funny to hear how the games go.

"Let's play house."

"OK, pretend I'm the Meagan." ("you call them teenagers" we were once told).

"Pretend I had to go to work."

"Pretend you came home."

"Pretend we were going to the store."

These are not different games, this is an actual conversation that took place in about the same time it took you to read this. All it takes to change the entire direction of the game is "pretend ... " and it is done.

If only pretend were so powerful once we're all grown up. Pretend I was skinny. Pretend the war was over. Pretend I was sleeping right now.

What would you pretend?

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