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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Race for President

While subjecting the girls to watching the last presidential debate, I decided to conduct an informal poll.

"Who would you vote for?"

Madi asked, "Who's our guy, Mommy?" Just like she asked during the Olympics. I suddenly felt an amazing responsibility in trying to shape not only good children who will grow up to be good people, but also in shaping future Citizens. I can clearly remember my Nana being a Republican, and I know my momma is (mostly) Democrat -- or at least this year in that "anybody but Bush" way. (It would probably kill my mom to know that I'm one of those suburbanite moms who is still undecided -- though edging closer to making a decision.) I don't want my girls to be anything simply because that's what I am (or because it's what I'm not for that matter). I want them to be thoughtful citizens who make up their own minds.

Max gave the whole voting issue some thought, and picked Kerry because his tie looked more purple than Bush's (think we need a new TV?). I fear that for many undecided voters it could come down to just that.

And if Max's first-grade class is any indication (they voted by secret ballot), it will be a 2-1 landslide for Dubya.

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