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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The good and the bad

The good: This morning as I was waking the girls and handing them their "hot chocolate" (aka warmed-up milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast), Madison, whose first words almost every morning are "Mama, can I have some hot chocolate?", looked at the sippy cup of magic and then at Maxine and simply said, "Snuggle." And they did. Even better, as they sipped their "hot chocolate" and watched SpongeBob (yup, I'm that kind of mother who wakes her daughters up with imitation hot chocolate AND mindless cartoons), Maxine said, "Hurry up and finish your hot chocolate so we can snuggle." Life was very good.

The bad: I just gave myself a papercut on that little bit of skin that extends from the thumb to the pointer finger. I can't locate the cut (as though actually seeing it would make the stinging stop) because it never bled. But this lingering sting is driving me crazy -- how could something that I can't see hurt THAT much?

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Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

What on earth did mothers do before TV? I have twin 2 year olds and a 10 month old. I regularly put the twins in front of a barney dvd in the morning. If I can't have my precious cup of morning coffee in peace, things would get very ugly indeed. By the way thanks for the tip about the adjustable waist band pants at The Children's Place. The twins are pretty tall and skinny and I forsee the same problem in the future.

10:42 PM 

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