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Monday, November 15, 2004

Just wondering

The headline: New TBS Reality Series to Feature Hunter.

First thought: Didn't know a buncha guys running around the woods wearning bright orange would make a compelling reality series. But we are talking TBS.

Second thought: I didn't realize that Holly Hunter would stoop so low.

Reality: Rachel Hunter. Of course.


The job: Associate Editor, NASCAR magazine.

Location: New York City (try to use the voice they used in those old Pace Picante commercials, it adds just the right effect).

Thought: NASCAR magazine in NYC? Isn't that a little like publishing Vogue in Dodge City, Kan.?


I'm done thinking for the day.

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Commented by Blogger MissBossyPants:

I was thinking more along the lines of Fred Dryer/Stepfanie Kramer. Since they're playing "Hunter" on TVLand or someplace now. But Rachel Hunter...are there guys in orange running around trying to shoot Rachel Hunter? I really have nothing against her as she has always seemed sweet and intelligent in her interviews... :)

Also, my DH and I live in Alabama and are into racing. Not NASCAR, really, but Formula 1. And as soon as I tell people my husband is a racecar driver (he does solo racing), they say, "What did he think of (insert NASCAR driver here)on Sunday?"

1:49 PM 
Commented by Blogger Laura:

IPM, you could be onto something here. New reality show is America's Former Top Models Hunted! (We'll use paint guns instead of real bullets.) It reminds me of a story that I think was a hoax, about something like that where men paid money to go hunt women (I'm remembering that they were naked perhaps) with paint guns.

9:10 AM 

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