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Monday, November 01, 2004

So much to share

The last five days have been a whirlwind of activity. I couldn't count the number of "play dates" we've had ... both formal and informal. And mixed in with that came:

1. A parent-teacher conference with no surprises. Max is doing what she's supposed to be doing in school. And she's "a pleasure to have in class" and I thought, "She's a pleasure to have at home too."

2. The season-ending soccer game. Eight weeks, almost 16 practices and 8 games. It was a bunch of fun. Following the game came the season-ending party with pizza and eight very excited little girls. Max was named Most Improved Player, and for that I'm proud. She certainly had fun, and since the season ended 4-4, what more could I ask for? She had her first team experience, fell in love with all her new friends, had one killer shot on goal (that the goalie grabbed), she won some, she lost some. A total success.

3. Oh, did I mention the pizza party ended in a slumber party? Max's first. She survived that too. Madi went to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's but she didn't survive that. She was dropped back at home at 9:55 p.m., crawled into bed with me, grabbed my hand and must have been asleep before grandma and grandpa were at the end of our block.

4. Halloween! The best we've had since we moved into this house 6 years ago (Max had her very first H'ween in our old home). It was a tiny bit breezy and slightly cool. But since they called for a big ol' winter storm moving in during the afternoon, Brent and the Gs got around the two culdesacs and our long street without jackets. We had a diva-star cat and a princess on her day off (mom's ploy to make them wear sweatsuits for their costumes ... I pulled it off for another year, we'll see how long they actually fall for this one!).

Interesting thing about our 'hood. In hitting what must have been about 30 houses (I've never counted) the girls filled their pumpkins and ended up with a fascinating assortment of goodies. They got a votive candle holder and a tealight shaped like a pumpkin. They got full-size candy bars. They got a Halloween baggie that was stuffed with a piece of literature from a church that I didn't recognize (seriously people, if that's the only treat just leave the light off). And they got a few little baggies stuffed with candy, one of which did also have some scripture in it. May I just share with my neighborhood that I am not raising demon-worshiping children? Candy-worshiping, yes. Satan, no. But thanks for your concern.

5. A day that started off with a two-hour delay and ended up being cancelled. Since I didn't have class today, we managed to just stay home. But it wasn't without our share of drama. The raccoon that took up residence in our backyard got a little grumpy when the girls decided to see if it's still in the toy chest where it's been hiding. As Max tells it, "I opened the toy box with my bare hands and it growled at me like a mountain lion would grow, except that I've never heard a mountain lion growl. But it was scarier than when Belle growls. Then we ran." The startled raccoon ran to the stairs, which would have been the girls escape route. We have a 6-foot privacy fence that they can't open -- by design -- so they were stuck in the corner screaming for me while the raccoon stayed on the steps. I ran around the front of the house and rescued the girls from the back yard in the howling winds and the blowing snows. And all this happened before 9:30 a.m.
The rest of the day was blessedly quieter.

So tomorrow will be back to school and back to work. But I did love just having a cozy day at home with my babies.

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