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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Words can't hurt me

There are some words I can't spell (Warning: do not attempt this without a spellcheck close at hand): desperate, definitely are just two. I can't think of others now because I have blocked them, I'm so used to writing around them that I have purged them entirely from my brain.

Then, there are some words I can't say. Most people can't tell that I spent the first 8 years of my life living on Long Island. But there are a few permanent scars left; and a few old injuries that only show up from time to time (like that old sprained ankle that aches a bunch when it's wet and cold, ya know?)

On the permanent list of difficulties are words that start with H. Not those like Hot, but those like Hugh (pronounced "You" -- luckily I don't know anyone named Hugh because I'd say, "How are you you?"), huge ("Uge"), etc. Back when I was an entertainment copy editor (I took the title to heart and felt the extra responsibility of being the entertainment on the copy desk as well as editing the arts and entertainment copy), I approached an editor to ask her about the "U-glies" ... it took about 2 minutes before she understood what the heck I was talking about. I can make that H sound with some concentrated effort.

Get me around other New Yorkers and I quickly revert to "tawking New Yaulk." I am so very impressionable -- I pick up sayings from the girls more than they do from me or something ("or something" invaded our house via Madi who I believe picked it up from cousin Sam or something) and when surrounded by people who randomly move their Rs from the end of some words to the ends of others (yup, for Dad it's "wata" and "Kahluer") I just join right in.

Is it any wonder that I get songs stuck in my head so easily?

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