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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's just a dream

I have two recurring (though not all that frequently) nightmares. Really the dreams are not the same, but the topics are: tornados and waitressing.

The tornado dreams are pretty self-explanatory, big twister comes my way, I always wake up before it hits. Different locations, different houses, etc. But always the big dark funnel cloud.

The "waitmares" too involve different restaurants (though mostly places I've worked) but they always involved the same scenario: I'm triple-seated and cannot keep up. Waters, drinks, food ... I cannot get any of it on time. I'm sure if I charted the occurrence of my waitmares they would correspond to more stressful times in my life when I'm not sure if I can keep up with the workload/family load/life load.

The good news about my nightmares: When I wake up, I always get that feeling of relief. No, I won't end up like Dorothy and get swept away to another world. No, my tips won't come up short tonight because I couldn't keep up with the pace.

Then there's another kind of dream that plagues me. The doorbell dream. This is the WORST. In my dream a doorbell rings and I wake up. But instead of having that it's-just-a-dream relief, I stay very still in bed to see if the bell will ring again. Was it real, I always wonder. Why is someone at my door at (insert middle of the night time when no one should be ringing doorbells unless it's an emergency)? Is the house on fire? Is the neighborhood being evacuated? My mind does not work in a rational manner at whatever-o-clock at night.

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