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Thursday, December 09, 2004

More Things I Love

Just like Oprah's Favorite Things, only different ... and more affordable ... and no ear-numbing screaming from women whose heads might explode any second now.

Liquid Loofah by Bare Escentuals: The closest BE store is about 60 miles north, but a friend introduced me to this stuff and it's been true love ever since. I learned they sell it on QVC of all places, but was THRILLED to find it at my local Ulta store. Use it to exfoliate in the shower. I read the label and they're right when they say it's great to put on your legs before you shave. On my budget, this one is a splurge ($18 at Ulta, $16 plus a lot of shipping at QVC, $? because it's been so long since I've made it to the actual BE store).

Sap Moss Shampoo by Aveda: I thought the same thing, You want me to put sap in my hair? But it's awesome. I don't even know if it's right for my hair type, but the scent, the thick, gooey consistency ... mmm, I love it! It's a little pricey too - $11 for about 4 ounces - but I got one for my birthday in June that I just finished today (and no, I do not use it every day). I just wish I could find one of their conditioners that I love the same.

Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings: A caffeine-free throwback from my pregnant days that's still a nearly daily indulgence. Just read the ingredients and you'll know why I love it: Cinnamon, roasted chicory root, roasted carob, natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors, dates, ginger root, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, and nutmeg.

The Barefoot Contessa: On TV and in print, Ina Garten cooks and lives the way I want to. Her Hamptons home is beyond gorgeous. The food drool-inspiring. Ina, I can tell from your show that you already have plenty of friends, but I make it back to New York every couple of years, any way I can drop by just once for a quick lunch? I'll even chuckle politely at your jokes if the cameras are rolling.

I could write all night, and given that I have two pieces I SHOULD be working on right now that's a good thing!

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