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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yet another reason

You might be a bad parent if ...
Your child is in the midst of a big fat crying fit and all you can do is laugh.
It went something like this: Max got a blue sucker from the doctor's office yesterday. Madi wanted it. Max cried. Mom (that's me) said, "It's Max's." Madi cries. Daddy comes on the scene and asks, what's wrong. The answer goes something like this: "WaaaasuckerwaaaaaaMaxdidn'tletmewaaaaaaaaaIwantitwaaaaaaaaaa." Mommy and daddy share a smile across the room. "WaaaaaIwantasuckeeewaaaaaaa." Daddy wonders what a "suckee" is.

What's worse: Mommy lets Daddy deal with the continuing fall out while she blogs the whole thing.

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