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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yet more things I love

Slowly, I'm remembering everything I love.

I just love, love, love our Dyson vacuum. Sure, the inventor guy on TV is cute and all, but what's really sexy is watching my husband maneuver that yellow sucking machine all around the house. And, unlike our previous three or four machines, this one really does suck.

I'm also quite fond of our washing machine. It's a Fisher & Paykel (pronounced Pie-kel) and during its spin cycle it spins at something like 1,000 RPM, so it gets the clothes pretty dry for their adventure in the dryer. This washer gave our dryer a pardon from what we thought was its death sentence. I was much-better versed in the praises for the washer when we first bought it, but it goes something like this: F&P is a New Zealand company that makes stainless steel surgical equipment and they make awesome washers (I seem to remember their dryers might just be rebranded GEs). They spin so fast that it sounds like it might take off, but the clothes come out barely damp. It's one of the few Energy Star-rated top loader washers, and I really like that. And a co-worker who has spent time in New Zealand says that everyone there has one and they are very, very proud of their hometown appliance.

And I have figured out what would make this the most popular blog in the whole wide universe -- dare I say, even more popular than -- if I could get the manufacturers of the things I love to give one to every reader. I'm working on my resolutions and things to do in 2005, perhaps I'll get to work on that.

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