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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Call the grammar police

On the syllabus for each and every class I teach, I should put a disclaimer: Do as I say, not as I do.

Given that I teach a couple varities of writing, you'd think my grammar in all my communication would/should be perfect. But let me loose in email and I'm out of control! Yes, I abuse exclamation points! Sometimes I'll have a brief moment of clarity, and I'll look at the email message I just typed and I'll notice that EVERY sentence ends in ! Then I'll quickly go back and I'll pick and choose the sentences that really deserve the emphatic ending. Another abusee are ellipses ... apparently if I can't end my sentence with a slammer, I'd rather just not end it.

If I were saying what I'm typing, I guarantee I would not be saying it with such enthusiasm (though I might trail off from time to time).

In my defense, I will say that I have NEVER used multiple exclamation points. (I once worked in a recording studio with an ad exec, she taught me the sure way to make great advertising was to add extra exclamation points!!!)

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