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Friday, January 07, 2005

Cooking class

I'm not sure what this says about me (or maybe I am sure), but if I had the choice of cooking with Tyler Florence or Alton Brown, I'd choose Alton in a heartbeat.

Yes, I totally understand why one great friend of mine is so interested in finding a way to flub a meal so Tyler will come perform a Food 911 for her. He is easy on the eyes, charming and a great cook.

Alton, while not the looker that Tyler is, is sexy in his own way. He's scary smart about food, and I just imagine an afternoon in the kitchen with him being way more fun than with Tyler -- at least with clothes on. (And since I am a happily married woman, that's the only way I ever cook!)

Oh, it seems the Internet agrees with me on this one (I know, I know, as a recovering journalist I've read all about how you can't trust Google searches to measure anything except Google searches), Google finds Tyler with a measly 31,000 results, Alton scores with 247,000.

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