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Monday, January 24, 2005

If it doesn't kill you ...

After believing that I was taken down by the flu (minus all the respiratory crap) for the last week, I think I was wrong. The first indication was the strange sunburned appearance to my skin. And the constant itch, mainly on my palms and feet (here's the good news: itchy palms means you're going to get money, at this point I'm due for A LOT).

My mom, who really should be an MD, diagnosed me with scarlet fever. I looked it up and thought, "Nah." See SF is a form of strep, and I didn't have a sore throat at all. And's symptoms were not an exact match (not that the flu was an exact match, but I had already committed to the meds for fly, the last thing I needed was a different ick with a different med).

Then Maxine came down with a sore, sore, sore throat yesterday and a fever overnight. A trip to the doctor today confirmed Max has strep and I got a 10-day run of antibiotics of my own because, yes, my mom was probably right, I probably have/had scarlet fever. (Seriously, I had scarlet fever when I was 4 or 6, but I really thought that it was a disease that was eradicated with the invention of the Internet.)

The good news, I have spent two whole days out of bed and, heck, it's after 7 p.m. and I'm still awake and semi-energetic. The better news: Our whole fam damily goes to the same doctor (not just immediate, my in-laws, my mom, my stepdad, even my Nana used to have the same doctor when she was alive), so since everyone in the family has been exposed to this, Max and I did the legwork so any subsequent sickies should be able to phone it in.

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