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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Modern medicine

I am a statistic that probably won't even make it into any record books. I am one of the who-knows-how-many Americans who wanted a flu shot, couldn't get one and now has influenza (diagnosed just a short time ago by my friendly Nurse Practitioner). I recall reading earlier in the no-flu-shot hubbub that they were not counting flu cases unless they land in the hospital. I don't see myself heading to the ER or anything (knock wood), but dammit, I have the flu. I want to be counted!

I got my shot for a few years in a row, and didn't get sick. Even when the girls came down with a nasty case of flu two years ago, I took care of them, I wiped noses, I stayed up late into the night as their fevers burned and would not come down below 100 -- and thanks to my shot, I was wearing armor. I did not get sick.

Instead, I'm now taking the modern miracle called Tamiflu (if they can make enough of this stuff, why can't they have enough flu shots to go around???). It promises to shorten the duration of my symptoms -- and it could make me dizzy, nauseated and unable to drive (hmm, sounds like the symptoms I'm trying to beat minus the fever and aches). Good stuff I tell ya.

Now that you're done reading this, go wash your hands. You never know how contagious these things are!

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Commented by Blogger Stephen Ludwig:

I personally like mixing my medication so I'm not really sure what's making me sick. Get better.

7:35 AM 

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