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Friday, January 07, 2005

Stick with me

I am the Mommy Magnet.

It never fails. Put a child (one of my two, this theory is untested on children not related to me) in my king-size bed, and that child will find a way to be RIGHT NEXT to me. Sometimes it's just the feet, sometimes it's a head, and sometimes it's a perfect spoon. (Last night it was the feet, which kept kicking me.)

I don't care if that child starts at the way far side of the bed -- the side of the bed where Daddy should be sleeping. (Daddy, who's not a magnet, often bails for other sleeping surfaces because even a king-size bed can only hold so many comfortably.) Of course, girls can't be too close to the edge of the bed because it's so stinkin' tall that a roll off could produce some serious injuries. So it doesn't take long before I have a sweet girl cuddled up by me, stealing my pillow and invading my space on the bed. I'm one of those sleepers who needs my space, good breathing room and room to stretch. I'm also a passive sleeper who gives up her space on the bed without even realizing it. Most nights I wake to find myself forced to the very edge of the mattress, a soundly sleeping girl in the spot that was mine to start.

Yes, I am a lucky woman to have sweet, snuggly girls in my life. But one of these girls doesn't like to be underneath the blankies, so she kicks them off, thus disturbing my fine-tuned cocoon. This one also talks in her sleep, is going through a period of middle-of-the-night, growing pains in her legs, and prefers to spend most nights in my bed. This girl also never took to a "love-y" like a stuffed animal or a blanket, and she needs a hand to fall asleep. She has me trained so well, that I too now need a hand to hold in order to sleep.

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