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Monday, January 31, 2005


I give up.

I had completed day 6 of my 10-day run of antibiotics. The doctor and I both knew there was a family allergy to the -cillin family of antis. But I had taken amoxicillin once before without incident, so we figured it'd be fine this time too. And it was for the first 5 days. Then last night I noticed the itching wasn't going away, and it was in fact accompanied by bumps. Upon further inspection, I looked like I had a run in with a swarm of mosquitos. Then it dawned on me at about 10 p.m., I was having an allergic reaction. I'm lucky, in my 34 years, this was the first time I ever had hives. I called the triage nurse for our doctor, who said, "Don't take another one until you talk to the doc," and "Take Benadryl to help the allergic reaction."

I thought I could handle it, but then after the conversation about throats closing up and difficulty breathing, etc. etc. I started to have an anxiety attack and started to feel like maybe I was having trouble swallowing (oh, the power of the mind). And I didn't want to wake up unable to breathe in the middle of the night. So I went digging through the three places in the house where we keep the drugs and in the last spot I actually found some Benadryl. I slept soundly, and I realized this morning that's because Benadryl has a mind-numbing effect (I was scheduled to make an 8:30 phone call and at 8 a.m. I was nodding off sitting up in the chair, luckily that wore off quickly enough).

So, add yet another drug to the list of things I've been taking in the last two weeks. I really don't like to take any sort of drug and am about ready to swear off all pills and go through some sort of a detox just to give my poor body a break.

On to happier news. Today was a snow day! After about 6 inches of very wet snow yesterday, I woke up at 5 a.m. to see that the schools were already closed and all the work we did shoveling the walks and driveway was for nothing: another 4 or so inches of not-as-wet snow fell overnight. Heck, the university where I work even had a delayed start, and they NEVER close. So I was scheduled for 8 research calls today for a freelance gig, and had two kids at home with me because I decided I didn't want to brave the icy roads.

Think I survived?

YES! The girls were perfect through all those 15-minute calls I had to make. They kept quiet and did not fight or scream or even laugh too loudly while I was talking to "important people" on the phone. I did bribe them with the promise of ice cream (hey, that means a treat for Mommy too!).

And at the end of what was a wonderful, but long day, here are the things I will not take for granted:
- my health
- well-behaved children
- a husband who goes to his mother's house to shovel after he's done here (not because he's a momma's boy, but because he doesn't want his girls slipping on her icy, northern-exposured driveway)
- ice cream on a snow day

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