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Thursday, February 17, 2005

LIMEs unite

After a playground conversation earlier this week, I started thinking about perfect mothers. I am not a perfect mother. And while I try most days to be a darn good mother, I have hung up my perfect mom aspirations. (I promise I was thinking this on Monday, two whole days before I got this week's Newsweek.)

And in the spirit of not being perfect, I have decided to form a new ... not club, not organization exactly ... a new thing I guess. LIME (League of Imperfect Mothers Everywhere). Anyone is welcome to join. That is anyone who has come to terms with their imperfection, anyone who can resist the urge to compare their children to others at least 51% of the time, anyone who can let their children dress themselves in stripes and florals and let that child go to school looking that way, anyone who can feel OK that their child gets B's or C's on report cards ... you get the idea.

LIME: Accepting our imperfections since 2005. Now we just need a super-cool logo.

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