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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lock the door!

Down the hall from my office is a nice, single-stall bathroom. For some reason it just feels more dignified to walk into a bathroom with its own door than into a row of stalls. I also get the sense it's cleaner because it doesn't attract the same number of users as the multi-user bathrooms out by the classrooms.

Quite a while back, I went to walk into the bathroom and opened the door to find a woman sitting there doing her business. I really don't know who was more scarred from the incident, me or her. You can believe that experience made me check and double check the lock on that door every time I walked in. I still have a lingering nervousness when I'm in there that someone will just come strolling in. I guess I have faith in humankind that when you're in a public restroom you will lock the door.

Today, as I went for my pre-class visit, I opened the door to find a man in there! He was doing his business -- as janitor replacing the trash bags, filling TP, etc. This wasn't quite as revolting as walking in on that woman, but it still has me rattled. If you were a male janitor in a female restroom, don't you think proper etiquette would include locking the door so you don't startle the customers? I'm forced to believe this was a deliberate act on his part because the look on my face must have been entertaining.

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Commented by Blogger The Infamous A:

Or at least he could've propped the door open to warn potential users he's currently doing his custodial duties!

4:17 PM 

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