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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The world must know, take 2

Earlier today Blogger ate my post. Of course it was a yummy post about a cool trick to try with Thin Mints. Thus, I am going to try to re-create it here (warning: writing things a second time because of a technology hiccup really irritates me, and I'm never as clever as I was the first time, trust me).

A student shared a cool trick with me recently. She said you can take your Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie and turn it on its side. Bite off a little bit at the top and a little bit at the bottom. Submerge the bottom nip in a cup of hot chocolate (I haven't tried this in hot chocolate, but I can vouch for hot coffee) and suck on the top nip as though you had yourself a Thin Mint straw. It's surprising how little sucking effort it takes to get coffee through the cookie. Once you taste the coffee just pop that cookie in your mouth.

The thing just disintegrates in an explosion of chocolate mintiness on your tongue. It's simply amazing. I really liked Thin Mints before, but now it's love.

Yes, I too thought this was a rather childish act. So after a couple or three Thin Mint straws, I figured I should be able to just dunk the darn cookie and get the same effect. But not even close. Since I won't submerge my fingers when I dunk, there was a little solid piece of cookie and the coffee hadn't evenly soaked the dunked cookie. The last danger in the grown-up approach was that the chocolate coating on the cookie melts into your coffee -- sure there are worse fates, but the lack of chocolate takes away from the total zen experience of a Thin Mint melting in your mouth.

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