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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bringing down the cool quotient

We went on a minivacation to Denver. We stayed at a Holiday Inn (from the time that I did training/consulting for the Forest Service, I've been a member of their Priority Club). We checked in on Wednesday and I was delighted to hear from 5:30 to 6:30 they had a Priority Club member OPEN BAR.

This was a hotel with an identity crisis. It's located in Cherry Creek, so it's trying to be swanky and cool, but it's still a Holiday Inn Select. The open bar was held in the Olive Martini Bar (see, swanky and cool, a "martini" bar). We showed up a couple minutes late (fashionably late, I would never show up right on time at a "martini" bar) and found a lot of baby boomers enjoying their free beverages. We brought the girls (their first time in a "martini" bar). We ordered two Shirley Temples, a beer and a chardonnay. I was surprised to see they were pouring Kendall Jackson (listed on their menu at $7.95 a glass) as opposed to some of the cheaper wines they had on hand.

Our members' only reception included trivia (we got our butts kicked on the Boomer questions, but there was no stopping up on the '80s questions). When you answered questions correctly you got more tickets, thus earning more chances to spin a wheel. The boomers at the table across from us were picked to spin three times in a row. For which they won 1,000 priority club points, a free in-room movie and a bottle of wine. Finally (FINALLY!) on the last spin of the night they called our number. Of course, at this point we were four beers, three glasses of wine and five STs into it and having a GREAT time. I was happy to get a free bottle of wine with my spin (especially because I don't have a clue what Priority Club points are good for).

Just about the time that the open bar was ending, some hipster twentysomethings wandered into the bar. Brent had already pointed out (more than once) how totally uncool we had become -- "partying" at a Holiday Inn with our daughters along for the ride. It was difficult to disagree, but even more difficult to care (free wine, free beer, free potstickers, free popcorn and free Shirley Temples!). Hey, I am the mother of two beautiful girls, and I was keeping up with their beautiful father glass for glass on the alcohol! I did kinda feel bad for those hipsters though. How uncool were they, hanging out at a hotel bar where there were 4 and 6 year olds?

Given that 1. we were drunk and 2. kids eat free at Holiday Inns (am I sounding like an ad for the hotel chain yet?), we decided to stumble across the hallway to the restaurant. Luckily, the buzz was enough to sustain us through the slowest service I can ever almost remember receiving.

The next night I had the same feeling that we were bringing down the cool quotient. We went to a very trendy-looking sushi grill/bar in Cherry Creek proper. There were chain-link curtains, glass table tops, and a logo that incorporated a Japanese soldier/robot. Way cooler than most places we frequent at home (our sushi stop at home only has two giant kimonos hanging on the wall and some plastic fish on another). Most of the people who worked there and were walking in the door were young and cool (our busboy had impossibly black hair that was spikey). Even the waitresses were wearing "uniforms" that were better than most of my good clothing days.

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

Hey, sounds like a lot of fun! The only "sushi" place around here (well, at least within a couple of hours) is the supermarket where they make little pre-packaged sets to take home. I miss good sushi so we always know what we're going to have for lunch when we head off to the "big city."

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7:03 AM 
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