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Monday, March 14, 2005

I cannot tell a lie

I used to tell lies. Not to hurt people, but little white lies. I still tell some: I'm too tired. I have other plans. But never with bad intentions.

Last week there was a major car accident close to home (a Jeep Cherokee was demolished by a dumptruck with brakes that were apparently malfunctioning). I was talking about it with my husband and the girls overheard (there are no private conversations in this house). Max asked, "What happened to the person driving the car?" Though it might have been a good time to tell a little white lie, I didn't. I said she died. And I quickly explained that it's a very rare thing for a dump truck to run into a car like this one did. (I can't lie, but I can try to avoid permanently scaring/scarring my children.)

Last night Maxine lost her fourth tooth (I know, whiplash subject change, but the two are connected, trust me). She tucked her tooth under her pillow and went to sleep. When she woke up, the tooth was gone and the loot from the Tooth Fairy was there. This morning she asked, "Is the Tooth Fairy real?" (Oddly enough it was her little sister who's been asking the tough questions. Last night Madi asked, "How does the Tooth Fairy know when someone loses a tooth?" My answer, "How does Santa Claus know when you've been good or bad?") I remembered the advice of a friend, "She's real if you believe she's real." And I improvised a little, "And if you don't believe in her the money might stop coming." (Nothing like a financial threat to keep a girl believing.)

I will be a lot more comfortable when the truth comes out, I won't have to make up lies anymore about Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. I won't have to use special wrapping paper for Santa's presents and I won't have to worry about not waking up on a night that a tooth is lost to do the Tooth Fairy's dirty work. I'm trying to hold out on the truth for a little longer -- at least until Madison loses her first tooth. It sucks being the little sister -- she's questioning the existence of the Tooth Fairy and she's got a year before she even loses a tooth!

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