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Monday, March 28, 2005

My sweet girl

I wish I could be half as good, sweet, caring person as Maxine is. I've long believed that she became a vegetarian (at age 5 she declared, "I don't eat animals" ... except those slaughtered for distribution under the golden arches) because she watched a few too many episodes of Animal Cops and Emergency Vets on Animal Planet. Seeing animals suffering, then realizing that cows had to die to make yummy steaks was too much for her sensitive soul.

Last night while watching the "Dateline" segment on the ultramarathon runners, they were talking about the blisters they get on their feet. She turned to me and said, "When people talk about their owies, or I see them, I hurt where they hurt." She said her feet hurt hearing about the blisters these crazy runners get during the course of a race.

I guess that's something most people experience. Talk about getting a paper cut and you can watch people wince at the memory of their last slash. But I'm giving her more credit, I think what she was expressing is the deeper sense of empathy I've always believed her to have.

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