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Monday, March 28, 2005


I love my job. I really do.

Now that you understand that, I realize there are some downsides to this gig. After spending 7 years in a "real" job, that is, going to work 40 or more hours a week on a schedule that based on what someone else has determined as convenient, it was great to get back into the semester way of life. Looking ahead in 16-week chunks makes everything look do-able.

But right now I'm in a mid-semester slump. Seven weeks to go, but that Spring Break gave me a taste of what's to come in the summer. Plus a lot of my students are in their last semesters and their excitement for the end rubs off on me. Woo-hoo! Just 7 more weeks and they're outta here!!!

Except I'm not. It's just my third spring semester of teaching, but I see the trend. The energy is different in the fall. Everyone's come back from summer, they're refreshed and ready to get serious as the fall and winter approach. The days get shorter and what else is there to do but study and be diligent about schoolwork? Then comes winter break. About 4 weeks off. Not enough time to get refreshed and re-energized. The thrill of a new semester seems to wear off faster in the spring. The days start to get longer and people want to enjoy the warmer days. There are better things to do than read, write and read some more.

I remember the feeling of being in my last semesters (of both my BA and MA). And I'm reminded what it feels like when I look in the faces of my students. They're so ready to be done. Excited for what's to come (and for so many it's more school as they go on for their master's). I get that feeling in the spring too. But instead of putting on the graduation gown, I'm like the bully who has to keep repeating the third grade. No end in sight for me.

I might be living my life on those 16-week blocks (and trust me the time off is unbeatable. I pick up a course in the summer, but it's one course, for eight weeks. It's fun and exciting to teach like that!), but as the teacher I don't reach that finish line. I'll be back after break, doing it all again with a new batch of students racing for their finish lines.

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