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Monday, March 14, 2005

So close ...

One of my biggest frustrations in being a parent is seeing these moments when the girls are perfectly rational, then expecting that to be the new norm.

On Saturday morning, Maxine wanted to sit in a new camping chair to eat her breakfast. When I said "No, because ..." (does the because even matter? not really, because it was no), she simply said, "Oh, OK."

A proud moment. I said no, she accepted the reason and simply moved on. Even at 6 1/2, no is not an easy answer to swallow (heck, who am I kidding? At 34, it's still not easy!)

Later that day, we're sitting in the theater waiting for "Robots" to start, we're surrounded by a large Coke and a large popcorn -- life doesn't get much better than this. But Maxine is in tears. Why? Because we wouldn't buy her a $3 water at the theater. No, we're not trying to make our daughter only consume sugary soft drinks, we just snuck in our own bottle of water from home. But that wasn't good enough -- she wanted HER OWN. (No, we didn't cave and get her a bottle of water, instead we tickled her until she giggled and wasn't crying anymore. Soon after the movie started and she forgot her water woes.)

Yup, parenting is a roller coaster, one minute you see the perfect child you have worked every waking (and sleeping) moment to create. The next, you wonder where this kid came from. They give you hope, only to snatch it away.

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