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Monday, April 11, 2005


I was digging through paperwork looking for Madi's birth certificate (had to register her for kindergarten on Friday!). In the place where I keep all of our important paperwork I found our marriage certificate. Written on the back in a rather yearbook-like fashion is: B/L: Best wishes on your special day. May you love each other 'always'. Rudi (Yes, Rev. Rudi put single quotes around always.)

We got hitched almost 10 years ago at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Yes, that's one place in Vegas where you can find Elvis. But the folks who run the chapel take the institution of marriage seriously enough that they do not allow Elvis to perform the ceremony. (At least that's the way it was back then.) For an extra $150, the old Elvis will perform AT the ceremony however. We chose not to take advantage of that (would have doubled the price of our package). Outside the chapel was a sign highlighting some of the "celebrities" who got married there. Jon Bon Jovi and Lorenzo (four times and counting) Lamas were proudly displayed.

Even with their best attempts, parts of our ceremony were oh-so Vegas. Like our vows. There was no "til death do us part" ... nope. Rev. Rudi said, "For as long as your love shall last." Takes a lot of pressure off the young couple.

His parting words before the groom could kiss his bride? "May you love each other for many years."

Ten years later, I sometimes like to remind Brent that I have lived up to my end of the agreement with Rev. Rudi.

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