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Monday, April 04, 2005

Bits and pieces

Bad advice from a commercial: I'm not sure if this place is regional or local, but there's an ad that runs for Massa Auto Pawn that drives me crazy. The bad actresses alone could push me over the edge, but it's more than that. It's the whole premise. Picture a split screen with two women on the phone. The one of the right is inviting the other to join the girls in Mexico this weekend. The one on the left complains that she can't afford it right now (in the background, outside the fake window is a rainstorm). The one on the right says, "Just take your car to Massa Auto Pawn, they'll give you the money." Left says (with suddenly sunny scene in the fake window background), "Great idea!" Cut to two bimbos with sunglasses on the "beach" with champagne and margarita in hand. Left one says, "I paid my bills and came on this fabulous trip." In unison, "Thanks Massa Auto Pawn!!!"

That's right, when times are tough, just pawn your car to ease your troubles. I'm sure that will make everything better.

Don't mess with Mother Nature: Tuesdays are tricky in our house for the next couple months. I teach on Tuesday evenings and of the seven days in the whole week, it just so happens both girls have soccer practice on that very night. So Brent is in charge of being in two places at one time. Last week I made all the arrangements for one daughter to ride with the coach/neighbor to practice, I put out all the necessary soccer clothes and accessories, I did everything in my power to make up for not being there. And, in turn, I did everything in my power to make it a cold and snowy day on which both practices were cancelled!

Tomorrow I plan on doing the exact same exercise. And tomorrow the weatherguys are calling for rain/snow. Yes, I once again am putting an end to the long-lasting drought in the area!

Postscript: Sure 'nuf. It's Thursday now and the soccer piles are still there untouched because we had extreme weather on Tuesday. Rain and wind for us, but just 15 minutes north they got a foot of snow! Soccer season runs through the end of May, I wonder if I can control the weather for that many more weeks!

"Non-competitive" soccer: In our soccer league the 4-5 year olds are not supposed to keep track of the score, etc. This is developmental, not competitive. That's what they say, but that's not the reality. Ask Madi her favorite part of her first soccer game and she'll tell you, "We won!" She's also reminding Maxine that her team lost their first game. This could be an ugly season with 7 weeks of games to go.

Madi plays on a team called the Ladybugs. Her coach showed up in a red t-shirt with black spots on the back. On the front it read, "LadyBug Coach." Cute for the coach. But to the mother who said, "Oh we all need "LadyBug Mom" shirts," I say, "Oh HELL no!" I'll stand on the sidelines and yell and scream and be supportive. I'll do my best to not yell mean things at mean kids. But I will not wear a shirt that makes me look like a ladybug.

On Maxine's team there are four new players who appear to have never played soccer before. Just 6 short months ago Maxine was in the same position. On her first game she was in front of the goal and the ball rolled in front of her and she was so excited that she reached down and pushed it with her hands! But during Saturday's game there was a very Amelia Bedelia (yup, I'm the victim of first grade chapter books!) moment when the coach told two of the news girls to "Watch the girls in purple." And they did just that -- they looked at them. And watched them run right by them with the ball. Oops.

I was looking over other team names and my favorite of the bunch was the Thundering Ladybugs! I guess Ladybugs just aren't tough enough.

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