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Monday, April 25, 2005

Getting better

After yesterday's mini-meltdown, I'm doing better today. When I looked at the calendar and realized it was April 24, I was pretty proud I made it that far before I stumbled. I knew April was going to be a LONG month. Looking at the month in Outlook, there were just two or three nonbolded days, which means every other day had something going on.

I was warned in the spring semester of my first year of teaching of the dangers of April. Coming off spring break and the time change, April ends up being a terribly long month. I wish my co-worker had never mentioned that because now it feels like self-fulfilling prophecy (wow, I sound like a communication instructor!). April will be holding on to the bitter end this time as I have to attend a research conference on the 30th, but come May 1 I'll be dancing in the streets (and finally scrubbing the bathtubs).

And today I have bigger fish to fry. Unfolded laundry isn't nearly as important as dealing with some plagiarism issues in my classes. Talk about a reality check (and bad way to start a week).

But let's get back to my favorite subject(s): My girls. Little friendly, sweet Maxine said something so out of character I just had to laugh (and tell everyone I know!) During her soccer game on Saturday, she was having a great game, she made a shot on goal (only her second in her two seasons) and her team was winning their first game in four tries. When I dropped by the bench to say hi, she said, "Mommy, I'm going to try to push those girls down when the ref isn't looking." This from the girl who during a "be more aggressive" pep talk said, "So I have to pretend like they're not my best friends?"

Don't get me wrong, I don't want her turning into a bully. But a little more competitiveness would go a long way with this kid. Her younger sister is a natural competitor who HATES to lose. And proving that I'm really not a psycho soccer mom, I'm happy to report that Madi's team has lost a couple games. Just like Max needs to learn to compete, Madi needs to learn that it can still be fun even when you lose!

Proving that I might be a psycho soccer mom is the fact that I'm really looking forward to seeing that Will Ferrell movie when it comes out!

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