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Monday, April 18, 2005


Parents these days
Yesterday at the supermarket there was a couple with what must have been their 4-year-old son. They were mismatched by appearances: he with a graying, mulleted ponytail. She with black hair and funky grandma glasses that matched her black hair. Son? Perfectly normal looking.

I caught up with them in the breaded area. They were arguing (with voices raised) about muffins. There was a sign about Weight Watchers muffins close to the overpriced containers of the market-made muffins. I was too uncomfortable to eavesdrop too much (that's SO unlike me, so you know it must have been awkward).

Later, I realized it was this family again when I heard a boy yelling, "YOU WILL BUY ME A TOY!" And a parent saying (yelling), "NO!"

I caught a glimpse of a warm moment at the checkout. Mom was holding the boy up and he was smiling and talking to the checker. I felt better. Until ...

I was loading groceries in the car. The mismatch family was behind me. Mom and Dad were loading their groceries and the boy was in the car (a hatchback). My jaw dropped as I heard Dad say (yell), "Would you just shut up?!" And Mom chimed (screeched) in, "WE'RE TRYING TO TALK HERE."

Poor kid. I was telling the girls about this today (a subliminal message: when you girls think you've got it bad, you better think again babies!). Maxine said, "Mommy, you should have called the police." I almost agree with her.

Keeping a schedule
I was browsing through previous posts today and I saw a real trend: I tend to post on Mondays (before my two marathon teaching days) and Thursdays (as I recover from teaching 4.5 classes in just over 27 hours). I hate being predictable. But the semester is almost over, so I'll be far more spontaneous in my writing I hope!

The purchase
We did it. We bought the Nikon D70 and it's true love. In two weeks we've taken hundreds of photos. The funny thing is that my husband seems to love it even more than I do. He took it to work with him the first Monday after we got it. He takes pictures of absolutely everything. And with a 1GB memory card, you can take pictures of anything you want.

Thanks to those who provided feedback. Thanks to those I bugged with emails and inquiries.

Bad start
I'm meeting with students for individual meetings today. So far my first two have been no-shows. Sigh.

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