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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Cradle robbing?
Just read that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are dating -- their publicists are even confirming this one! He's fortysomething, she's 26. I guess they're in Italy where he's receiving an award for his 25-year career. I wonder if Katie's parents took her to see his movies when she was just 1! (I wonder when I became such a square -- probably on June 29, 1998 when I gave birth to a daughter!)

To kitten or not to kitten?
Here, I'm looking for advice. (After my meltdown the other day, this is probably a dumb idea... ) But I think I want to get a kitten. We have a 13-year-old cat named Belle. She's not the perfect kid cat. She's a little fussy about where you pet her (for most people who are not me, it's head only or she gets a little freaky), she demands my attention, she is usually in my face demanding attention at the worst of times, when I'm ready to give some love, she's nowhere to be found.

My other cat Pete died on Dec. 31, 1999. At about 11, he came down with diabetes. I was about 5 months pregnant with Madison and when they told us they could not regulate it and we would have to test his urine (I was trying to figure out how to hold the little cup to collect it) and even then there were no guarantees. We made the tough decision to put him to sleep. Belle really liked Pete. That said, Belle does not deal well with change (every time we've moved it takes about 3 days before we find her again). I want to believe that she will enjoy the company. I KNOW the girls would love to have a kitten. And the litter box is one duty I gave up during my pregnant years and have never since taken back.

If I do this, I'll wait until my semester is over so I'll have a little extra time on my hands to ease any transitions.

What do you think? Should we go to the animal shelter and get a new family member?

Car troubles
Our Pathfinder was in the shop for some "recall" work on Monday. Tuesday when I started it, the idle was very, very low. I backed out of the garage and it was fine. The second time I went to put pressure on the brakes, they were hard in response. It felt like my power brakes were gone. I tried driving to the end of the block, figuring I would suck it up and get where I needed to go. That thought didn't last long. I was putting all my weight on the brakes and barely stopping.

A desperate call to the husband, a call to the dealer's service department and a call to the towing company and our 2-month old Pathfinder was loaded on the tow truck and back to the shop. They were kind enough to give us a loaner (the boxy Scion, it was so cute and funny I laughed every time I looked at it). Today we got it back and I'm still not sure what went wrong. They might have installed a new piece that was cracked (that's what they said). And I'm just not sure what worried me most.

My relationship with cars is odd. I either have 100 percent trust, or none. If a car is good to me, I will love it, fill it with premium gas, wash it and be good to it. But if a car gives me reason to doubt, the love affair ends quickly.

The good news is that Princess Crusher (the name of the Pathfinder) is back at home and hopefully I will be able to rebuild my trust in the princess again.

Long Island Girl
I'm a Kevin Smith fan. Following Sept. 11, the first time I really remember laughing out loud was when we went to see the Jay and Silent Bob movie in a theater. But right now "Jersey Girl" is on and I have to say the part that I've seen (the last hour or so) is pretty disappointing. I guess being a daddy has softened even Kevin Smith. The bright point? The soundtrack is very good.

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Commented by Blogger Stephen Ludwig:

On the kitten note:

Great idea. However, follow all the rules on how to introduce your new cat to your old cat. There is at least a week "warm up" period where the kitten gets locked into a bathroom or spare bedroom so the two cats can "smell" each other. Also, boy cats are generally more cuddly than girl cats (I have both) and the type of cat makes a difference too. Get them from a shelter....don't buy one!

Best of luck.

8:00 AM 

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