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Friday, May 13, 2005

Cool mom

I am a cool mom. Someday my girls might not appreciate my coolness, but for now they can. Here's evidence of my cool factor.

1. On opening day I took them to see "Kicking and Screaming." I'd have to agree with Ebert's B rating of this flick. It wasn't as funny as I expected, and I was a little disturbed by the use of "hell." OK, I wasn't so disturbed, but I thought it could have gone without the use of the H-word for my daughters' sake. We also brought along some friends who are a bit more conservative than we are ... so I just wanted to crawl under my seat by the 5th time Will Ferrell told Mike Ditka to go to hell and get him a juice box while he's there. (Somehow putting in into a humorous context just made it worse.)

2. I saw that Hilary Duff will be coming in concert this summer. I thought to myself, how much would it be worth to take the girls (who own both her CDs) to that concert? I figured, maybe $15 a ticket, so for our family of 4, we'd be looking at about $60. Turns out, they start at $25 apiece. When you add in all the extra charges, gas prices to drive to the concert, parking, and all the hassle that comes with going to a concert, I don't think the low, low starting price of $100 is worth it. (Please, some day when my daughters are teenagers and they hate me, will you tell them I at least gave serious consideration and actually looked at the prices of tickets for a concert they would have enjoyed? Thanks, I'm sure they'll listen to you.)

Off topic, but related: concerts. I used to love going to see live music. I saw the Grateful Dead 20+ times (suddenly I can't remember the exact number). I saw small names at small venues, I saw Dave Matthews Band open up for Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I saw two Hordes and two Lollapaloozas. I loved concerts.

Now? Not so much. When I said above it's a hassle, I meant it. But some artists are worth the hassle. Last concert I saw was Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. That was so very fun. But that was 18 months ago.

I've been giving thought to what bands/performers I actually want to see in concert. Who's worth the money? Here's what I've come up with: Coldplay, Lyle Lovett and Bruce Springsteen (again). I know there are plenty (well not plenty, but at least a few!) more, but I can't charge up my end-of-semester brain. (Oh yeah, Billy Joel is another one!)

But I pose this question to readers of this blog (all three or four of you!): What was your favorite concert? Who would you like to see live?

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Commented by Blogger Bobo:

My favorite concert was Billy Bragg at the Somerville Theater circa 1997. He was funny, a great showman and told some amazing stories to a very small crowd. After the show he just hung out and talked to people, incredibly friendly gentleman. I have seen him five or six times since and he is always great.

The other best concert was the Sanctions Until Democracy mega concert along the Charles River featuring an appearance by Nelson Mandela. The concert was free and Paul Simon was the headliner but every band there was absolutely amazing. This was like being at Woodstock... except everybody kept their clothes on and drank bottled water.

6:45 PM 
Commented by Blogger Randy Scott:

Even though it would be a pain to fight the traffic and all, I'd like to see James Taylor one more time...his rendition of "Handy Man" and "Walkin My Baby Back Home" would be worth it.

7:36 AM 

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