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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nature rocks

Thanks to a great neighbor and a slight change in Brent's work schedule, I am officially a walker again. I've been heading out at 6 a.m. for a 30-minute walk with my neighbor. She likes to talk -- alot. So while I do the heavy breathing, she chats away. As long as she doesn't ask too many questions, I'm golden.

The world is amazing at 6 a.m. I am sorry for all those years I didn't wake up before 10 a.m. (Hello, freshman year of college with M, W, F classes at 2 p.m.!) I didn't realize the world is most beautiful as it's just waking up.

And what is really amazing, is the improvement I'm seeing in me already from the walks. Where I was winded the first few days, I still could breathe easily today. I needed this.

Last night at about 7 p.m. Brent said, "Let's go for a walk." So we all piled in the car (good walk, eh?) and headed to an open-space trail that's only about 7 minutes from the house. Here, we heard the most amazing thing: turkeys gobbling.

Thanks to a friendly trail walker whose dog we stopped to pet (dogs can increase the time of a family hike tenfold! though we have taught the girls you never pet a dog without asking its owner first). She said, "Around this turn you can hear the turkeys gobbling." Sure 'nuf that's what we heard. I'm so glad she pointed it out. We might have missed it, or not identified that sound without her heads-up.

When we heard the first gobble, Maxine was almost shaking with excitement. And Madison was almost shaking with fear. For a girl who can sing and perform in front of a crowd of 10s, she has some funny fears. And wild turkeys that we cannot see are apparently one of them. She obsessed for the rest of the walk about the turkeys. "Can they hurt people?" she asked. Mom's not-so-helpful answer: "Only if you eat too much, then you might have a hurt tummy."

Really what Madi should have been worrying about were creepy hikers who seemed to be heading out on the long trail after 8 p.m. (the trail is open from dawn to dusk the sign says). 'Round here, the folks on trails are friendly. Everyone says "Hello!" After Brent said hi, this guy kinda mumbled. Sixty seconds later when he passed the other half of our family (that's me and I can't remember which girl), he mustered up a little louder mumble. But something about him gave me the creeps. I was happy to hit the trailhead and the safety of Princess Crusher.

But back to walking, thanks to an adjusted finals schedule tomorrow (yes, FINALS!), I won't be walking in the a.m. And I'm afraid these knees need a break for a day -- they don't hurt much, except going up and down stairs.

But you'd better believe I'll be out there again on Thursday ... and Friday.

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