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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Observations from a domestic day

Fever philosophy: Before having kids I never gave fevers much thought. Well, I'm sure I did, but the extent of it was: I feel like crap. And, Gee, Pink Floyd is right, my hands did swell up just like two balloons.

Now that I have kiddos, I don't just think about fever, I have a whole philosophy about fevers. It goes a little like this. Fevers, while terrible, are kind of good. The way that I try to tell the girls that spiders are "good" because they eat other bugs we don't want around. I see fevers as our bodies way of protecting us from predatory "bugs." I figure a fever means the body is hard at work fighting off some kind of ick. That said, I'm not so quick to medicate a fever. I figure a good, low-grade fever needs to burn for a while at least. Madison, after having the low-grade thing go all day (with medication) is now napping and burning at 101.8. I SHOULD medicate her, but I'd hate to wake her up. A fever and a nap are the ultimate to kick whatever it is that's making her miserable. But I also hate to miss that valuable breaking-the-fever-while-she-sleeps-and-wakes-up-a-sweaty-mess stage, too. It's a real dilemma.

She climbed onto my bed to join me in a nap. (I needed a little pick me up this afternoon.) I was glad to have her with me, but I also hesitated. I thought, if this kid yaks on my clean sheets, pillows, blankets I'll be really ticked. I guess I'm not a really bad mother because despite the efforts of cleaning today, I still let her rest her hot little head on my bed.

The smell of clean: So, being forced to just take it easy around the house today, I decided I had no more excuses for not cleaning the bathroom. I'm talking a break-out-the-Comet-with-bleach, scrub-the-tub, scrub-the-shower, peel-the-dried-toothpaste-from-the-sinks clean. It looks so good in there, I'm planning on taking a nice long bath later (nothing beats taking a bath in a super clean bathroom -- except maybe taking a bath in a bathroom that someone else cleaned!).

When Maxine came home from school and came into my room, she said, "It smells like a hotel in here." I'm not sure if that reflects more on my lack of domestic prowess (I should really scrub the bathrooms more often) or the quality of the places we stay (they cover up the filth and grime with large doses of bleach).

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