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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Taking advantage of everything

Tonight we made the most of a lot of things. I decided instead of cooking dinner, we could take sandwiches and hike for a picnic. My plan was foiled by the bread I bought. It wasn't really sandwich bread. So I cut it up. I cut up some brie, rolled some Boar's Head roast beef, packed some apples and grapes and we hit the road.

Instead of hiking, we decided to hit a canyon that a creek runs through. We pulled off and parked, put down the seats in the back of the Pathfinder and had a picnic creekside.

This was making the most of the area where we live, our new car, the new camera (we took some great pix of the girls playing around) and the beautiful day. I also took advantage of the end of the semester, since the time of our excursion was just about the same time my Wednesday evening class met!

There was no place on earth that seemed more appealing than the back of the car, spreading some herbed brie onto rustic bread as the girls giggled and the water rushed by.

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