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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


My daughters love music. They have their own collection of CDs at this point (including the classic first album by Madonna, because it really is good, girl dance music). But I'm busy trying to influence their musical tastes and memories.

I have clear music memories when I was a kid. In my mom's record collection, I loved listening to "Dark Side of the Moon." And because my dad had an apartment right across from Billy Joel's saxophone player, I had all the words to "The Stranger" album memorized at age 5 or 6. (Oddly enough, I still love that album and can sing every song word for word! And for the record, "Just the Way You Are" is still my favorite love song of all time.) I also LOVED "Benny & the Jets."

I see this musical shaping as a great responsibility. My girls will actually beg to hear "Benny & the Jets" when we're in the car. But I wonder, will they have memories in the future of listening to Lyle Lovett and Coldplay and Bob Mould while we cruise around town.

So, today I pose the question: What music did your parents listen to that you still love? How did they shape your musical tastes? What do your kids listen to?

And another question I pose: Do I want an Ipod (or an Ipod mini) for my birthday this week?

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Commented by Anonymous Nancy:

Hi Laura,
I just found your blog while reading the comments at Suburban Bliss! I also love(d) "Benny and the Jets" and have fond memories of when it was popular on the radio. My parents played folk music like Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkle, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, etc. So folk music has a special place in my heart including the what I call "90's folk revival" music like early Jewel, Lisa Loeb and the like. Thanks for reminding me...I'm going to find my Elton John Greatest Hits cd and play B-b-b-b-b-benny for my (21-month-old) daughter today!

1:01 PM 

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