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Monday, June 27, 2005


We know the names of a lot of people in our neighborhood. But those those we don't know, we have some nicknames. Not all of them are nice, but they are mildly entertaining. I didn't realize until yesterday just how often we use it in conversation between the two of us, and just how dangerous that could be if I ever forget who I am talking to.

For instance: There's Ally McBeal: Skinny lawyer girl who lives on our block. She's married to Caretaker. (We should know their names as we've done some charity dinners with them, but between us it goes like this: (Driving by jogger) Oh, that was Ally McBeal.)

It's all part of our couple talk. So much of that talk is influenced by television and pop culture and now kids. It's not uncommon to hear us say (extra credit if you can actually identify the source of these -- especially since I think over time we have butchered them):

- "I love you, Pepsi"
- "Math is hard."
- "Your modern machines frighten me."

And from the girls come things like: 'coons (cartoons), buggle gum, hos-a-bul, mazagine ... I better stop. As I think about all the cute mispronunciations, I'm reminded again how they're growing up and actually speaking like real people. Sniff.

In the meantime, let's get personal -- tell me about your couple talk.

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

I can't share many of the names that we use for people at work or around town for fear of expensive litigation, but some of the tamer ones include:

The Food Guy

The Bishop

Darth (Vader)


Elephant Boy (incredible memory, he never forgets)

Geek Girl

The V-T Road Runner

and most importantly...


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