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Thursday, June 02, 2005


So, I decided it wasn't a sign and went ahead to my appointment for the eyeliner.

Thank goodness for Lidocaine. Otherwise, I might have a little brown mole-looking thing on my eyelid and nothing else. After a couple passes, to break open the skin apparently, the nurse puts the painkiller on and it sure did the trick!

But, you can quote me on this, I won't be doing THAT again. My eyes are a little swollen and funny feeling from the numbness, but they are tender. It feels like someone tried about 24,000 times to poke me in the eyes with tiny little needles, but my lower eyelid got in the way. (Disclaimer: During an intense moment of labor with Maxine, I grabbed Brent's arm and said, "We. Will. Not. Be. Doing. This. Again!!!!!!!" Fast forward 22 months and there we were again. So I can't quite be trusted.)

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