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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pool party

I have found the way to clear out a public pool.


Yup, there we were at Maxine's pool party yesterday. The public pool was pretty crowded, a 90-degree sunny day will do that. Max and her 14 guests were all splashing around. I was wondering how I might gather up the kids and get them all back into the room for cake and presents, when the solution was right before me, floating around in the water.

A kid (not one of the kids at our party) threw up in the pool. Ick. Gross. Disgusting. I was so happy I wasn't in that pool at that moment. The lifeguard blew the all-out whistle. Those poor teenage lifeguards, skimming bits of puke from the water. I'm sure they signed up to stand around looking good and getting some sun this summer. Oh yeah, they might have to jump in and pull a kid who got in over his head once in awhile, but cleaning up after someone lost their lunch in the pool? I'm guessing they didn't cover that in the training.

We had cake and opened presents and then the pool was ready again. The parents all looked at each other and kind of shrugged. The kids didn't seem to care what had happened in that water 40 minutes earlier.

Meanwhile, the crowd at the pool thinned by half. Lightweights didn't want to wait to get back into a contaminated pool. I kinda figured it probably wasn't the worst thing to be in that pool. (I was witness one morning when the girls had swimming lessons there to what multiple 50-pound bags of dog food look like when they're dumped in the pool.)

Hopefully, everyone at the party had lengthy showers when they got home.

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