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Monday, June 13, 2005


1. I think my husband is trying to kill me. He keeps trying to enjoy this late spring weather with open windows all over the house. I would love springtime in Colorado except for the fact that I'm allergic to springtime in Colorado. I can only take pleasure in knowing that he's killing himself too with his allergies (which this year have been worse than mine).

2. I really don't like the first day of classes. It's like a first date. Except that you have to go on 15 more dates with these very same people. I almost always think of something I should have said but didn't. Thankfully this afternoon I at least didn't say anything that I wish I hadn't.

3. I'm in a period of devastation right now. My best friend at work (the only person I can really talk to and dish with!) just told me last week she's leaving. We started at the same time, so we had that special bond of finding our way together. She really is the most amazing person, who inspires me, listens to me, laughs with (and at) me. Truly, she's the only person in the department who I completely trust. With her I can speak my mind and know I'm safe. When I say she's leaving, she's just taking a job across town. I know we'll still be friends and get together often. But my job will be a much lonelier place without her there. I need a new work best friend, and I just don't see who can fill her shoes.

4. After class tonight I wanted sushi. Instead of eating tender, raw fish, I had overcooked, grilled cheeseburgers and corn (yup, the corn was overgrilled too) at my mother-in-law's. Free dinner is always good, but to go from craving raw to eating burnt was a hard free meal to swallow.

5. Speaking of sushi. I've decided I want to make a documentary. I want to call it "Sushi Me." I will eat nothing but sushi for all my meals for 30 days and we'll document my weight, my health, my state of mind. I'm guessing I would be in better shape after 30 days of sushi. The only parts I'm struggling with are: 1. where will I find sushi for breakfast (I just don't trust myself enough in the kitchen to prepare sushi for myself) and 2. the cost. Sushi is a bit of an expensive habit, so three meals a day for 30 days would cost ... a lot. How long do you suppose it would take before I got tired of sushi? It's the one food that once I'm done eating it, I want more of it. Not right away, but SOON. Not sure that would last the entire length of my experiment.

6. (and last) I appreciate the service that McAfee Spamkiller provides, but it's starting to bug the crap out of me. I subscribe to a number of different daily lists and it keeps grabbing them as spam for reasons such as "Message contains mostly images." So frickin' what? I'm a bit of a ditz because I don't even notice my daily messages aren't there until I remember to sporadically check the blocked mail. It's a miracle I get any email at all between SK and Outlook's junk email folder.

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Who's leaving?!

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