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Thursday, June 02, 2005

The struggles of parenthood

First, I must say, I would not change a thing about our "family planning" if I could. Our girls are 22 months apart. That means I'm in the joyous time when people ask, "How old are your kids?" I get to say, "6 and 5" and sound a little crazier than I really am.

That said, having two girls so close in age is a royal pain in the butt. Especially once one is in school and the other is not. Before school, they played together with kids in the neighborhood. The little one decided she's just like the big one. In the 'hood, they share friends. In the 'hood, they're connected at the hip. But now, the one in school makes friends, gets invited to birthday parties and play dates. The one in school does not (yet). The one not in school doesn't understand why she's not invited along on these outings.

I know things will get better next year when she's in school and suddenly we'll have even more parties and play dates to coordinate. The sting won't be so bad when she's not invited along with big sister because she'll have her own date book to keep.

Meanwhile, that doesn't help me this summer. I just got off the phone scheduling a play outing for Maxine and a friend next week. I'm guessing that means Madison will ask, "Why can't I go?" Followed by some tears and some coercion by mom to make her happy again.

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