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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I am that stupid.

But it turned out OK. The begging to go to the mall, coupled with the fact that I really wanted to go today lead us to the mall. Luckily Madison feels so good she's planning on going to swim lessons tomorrow! Yay!

And, at Children's Place we got: two backpacks, and from the clearance rack: one dress, four shirts, one skirt and two pairs of capris. Guess how much I spent? Go 'head, just guess! $45!

Then we went to Claire's and spent just $7.45 to get 9 items (I'll share my consumer angst that lead to a $40 gift certificate that lead to consumer bliss another day).

I might like to shop, but I just refuse to pay full prices. My girls will learn to be savvy shoppers from me if nothing else!

There is screeching, hellish whining, coming from the bathtub, guess that's my cue.

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

We have become diehard Target (pronounced Tar-zhay, mais oui!) fans when shopping for the boys. A couple of weeks before school we make the trek 90 minutes down and buy a couple of pairs of pants, some shirts, socks, etc. They have plain clothes that come in bright colors and they last long enough that they don't actually start to dissolve until the boys have outgrown them. Even after buying extra pairs of mittens and hats (since we know they are going to lose some) it usually ends up being a pretty reasonable day. Extra bonus points for only having to go to one store to get everything.

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