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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Little voices

I still have as my homepage. It gives me AP headlines and I'm a sucker to believe that I might just win something from them someday (unless you count five free spins on their total time wasting slot machine, not a penny yet). But in the corner of the screen it says, "Hi Laura" ... oh how friendly, you say. Then in smaller letters right below "Hi Laura" it says "I am not Laura." For some reason, I've adopted this as the inner struggle of two voices in my head. I believe some day I might start roaming the streets saying, "Hi Laura! i am not laura. HI LAURA! i am not laura."

And I don't care what you humidity-drenched people say, it might be a dry heat, but it's still f'in HOT.

Yes, the heat -- and being cooped up in a A/C'ed office -- is getting to me.

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Commented by Anonymous Anonymous:

Hi Laura!


7:44 AM 
Commented by Blogger Laura:

I guess this is where I say,
"i am not laura"

Checked out your site, very nice photos! Yeah for Colorado and yeah for D70s!

10:40 AM 

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