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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mamas don't let your kids grow up to be druggies

We went camping last night. We drove 3 hours to get to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It was awesome and fun and just what I needed for a little recharging. However, it never fails to happen to us. When we go to the movies, the people who are talking the loudest, chewing the loudest, smell the loudest, just always end up next to us. Same goes at concerts, restaurants, just about any public setting. Sometimes it's a wonder we ever go out anymore.

We had about the same luck with campsites. We knew we were in trouble when five college-aged kids pulled up to set up camp. (Hey, I work with many college-aged kids, I don't particularly want to camp with them.) We hiked down to the dunes in the evening, our neighbors hiked down at the same time. We found a good sliding dune and played. Our neighbors were going for the top. We were back at camp for a while before they got back too. We thought we hit the campsite jackpot because that hike kicked their 20-something butts. Four of the five retreated to their tents. It was pure, blissful silence coming from the college camp.

Of course they gained their second wind right about our bedtime. And it wasn't just any second wind, it proved to be a hallucinogenic-wind. Apparently the kids ate some mushrooms and let them kick in before they hiked. They were full of deep insights like, "If a snake came by I would have tripped you all just to get out alive." (Said by one male whose girlfriend was in the group.) "Man, that's f'in bright, it must be Neptune." "I was just like a little girl in a sandbox up there." "I just knew that as long as I saw you, I'd get out alive." "These brats are just too gourmet for camping." "I LOVE the stars." (I was so glad the girls were fast asleep because every other word started with f or s.)

The hiking part of their trip lasted probably 2 hours. They sat around the campfire (yelling, "I hate white rabbits" whenever the smoke came in their direction -- seriously, I remember doing that in high school, but where did that come from and how did it last all this time??) talking about the trip for another 4 hours. They talked like it was months ago, not just hours ago. They thought they were so darn funny and so darn smart (of course, I was laying on the hard ground, worrying about bears and being kept awake by their conversation, so I'm a little biased into the depth, humor and intelligence of what they had to say).

You might be reading this thinking I was just jealous that they were having such a great time. You're saying, "You're just old." But really, I was worried that I probably sounded just like them back in my "experimental" days. It was a little depressing to realize that what felt like some of my deepest thoughts could sound so plain stupid.

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

You should have gone over. You could have been like Donald Sutherland in Animal House explaining how our whole universe could be, like, just a tiny speck in some giant creature, dude.

There is only one thing that we go camping for: Quebe butt. At least once in every camping trip we have woken up to the sight of naked Canadians making breakfast. Even now my wife will wake me up in the morning with a little push saying, "Bobo look! Quebe butt, Quebe butt!"

9:25 AM 
Commented by Blogger Laura:

Having never seen Quebe butt, I'm just wondering if it looks any different than any other butt?

Can't say I saw any butt beyond deer and chipmunk butt on our trip.

12:17 PM 

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