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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mommy time

I've been given this incredible opportunity this weekend. I get to accompany a friend to Aspen (home of many beautiful, and not so beautiful celebrities!). She's going to a conference, I'm getting a free bed to sleep in and time to myself. No kids. No husband. And really most importantly, no dishes, no laundry, no one to clean up after. Just beautiful, glorious time to walk around a beautiful, glorious place with my camera and a notebook.

I told the girls about it while I was discussing details with the husband. When Maxine learned I was leaving her for a weekend you would not believe the look she gave me. It was hurt and anger all rolled up into one heartbreaking glare. For a minute I thought, maybe I shouldn't go, after all she's 7 it won't be long before she decides she doesn't want me around anymore. (And to tell you the truth, the girls love the friend that I'm going with so much, I think the look might have had more to do with me going away with HER, the one they love, than me going away. Had I said I was going with someone else it might not have bothered her this much.)

I was thinking about this, and while I've spent plenty of nights away from the girls (more accurately, they've spent nights away from me and Brent), I've never left Brent and the girls alone for a night ... nevermind a whole weekend!

It took a little bribing (the promise of tourist pins and a t-shirt), but the girls are OK with me leaving. And Brent's OK with me leaving. And who knows, they might like this time so much that they will ask me to leave more often.

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