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Monday, July 18, 2005

Open letter

Hey Hollywood,
You're really dropping the ball here. Last time I checked it was summertime, as in the kids are out of school and us parents are into going places with them, like say, the MOVIES.

Given that I was in the mood for an ultrabig dose of A/C, I told the girls on Thursday that we'd go see a movie on Friday after swim lessons. Friday morning I looked in the movie listings there was only one kid-friendly movie that we had NOT seen: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The other choices were Madagascar and the Herbie remake -- been there, saw them. Sure, I live in a smaller city just west of the midwest where we generally are only privy to the mainest of mainstream flicks, but can't you do better than that? Mid-July and I only have three movies to choose from? (Sure my 7-year-old is aching to see Fantastic Four, but it's PG-13, she might be able to see it on DVD, but I'm not paying to corrupt her values in public.)

I hadn't even planned on seeing Willy Wonka in theaters, wasn't even planning on renting it to tell you the truth. But my hands were tied, my daughters had high hopes and I was looking forward to a bag (what happened to the old tubs?) of greasy popcorn. Luckily, the girls liked the movie (Willy Wonka is funny, they said). I wasn't offended (see: Kicking and Screaming and its use of HELL for, like, every other word). So a good enough time was had by all.

But, let me emphasize this again, this is summertime. Kids are not in school all day long. I like to take my kids to the movies. I love walking into the bright daylight from a dark, dark theater. I like having to bring a sweatshirt to stay warm because there are only two settings on movie theater thermostats (f'in freezing and f'in hot). If you put out a kid-friendly movie every week, we'd probably be there for you. (As I've said here before, when it comes to taking my girls to movies my standards are not high: if they like and I'm not embarrassed or offended, I'm thrilled.)

You wonder why box office sales are slumping (though if I were raking in billions of dollars, I don't think I'd complain). I think I have an idea.


P.S. Hollywood, I bet you would have been surprised by the woman we saw at the theaters. We'll call her 50something (if she were an acquaintance, I'd say 40something to remain her friend) and all by herself, buying a ticket for Wedding Crashers. I'm just guessing this wasn't the demographic you thought Crashers would attract!

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

Amen! Given the list of available movies my boys said, "Daddy, can we just read more of the Harry Potter book?" I've read that HP actually brought in more money than the Wonka remake, but who knows given the entertainment industries creative accounting. (Incidentally we're about half way through it is pretty good so far.)

4:08 PM 

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