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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Or Daddy.

I'm up to my ears on a larger than normal deadline, the prospect of an increased teaching load in the fall (too much noise in the brain as I think about my existing classes and the one I'm taking on), and family from out of town. Dad's here (this is very, very good, mind you -- but it takes us all off any type of routine). Step-dad's brother and family are here (again, very, very good and fun, they have kids the same ages as ours).

Me? I just want to soak in a hot bubble bath with some good tunes on Pinkie (the mini iPod) and not think about the work and everything else I need to do.

Summer always gives me an odd case of the blues. Not too bad, but still. I don't know what I expect from summer, but it never lives up to my dreams. Sleeping in? Nope. Rest and relaxation? Nope. Extra doses of family time? Oh yeah. BBQs up the wazoo with everyone in the who fam damily. Swimming? Well, yes. We just finished day two of four weeks of swim lessons. Reading? I'm still reading the same book I was in April when I started cheating with some almost-pleasure reading (it's incredibly applicable to what I teach, but it's so fun to read all the same). There are three or four other fun books collecting dust on my nightstand.

From reading around, many other bloggers are out of sorts with summer.

Really, I love summer. I want summer to love me back. But it just doesn't know how and I don't know how to help it. The funny thing is that the very first day of summer is the same day that we start losing daylight. It's just starting and it's slipping through my fingers so fast when I want it to last forever.

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Commented by Blogger Random and Odd:


You and Summer need to go to some sort of counseling session or something.


12:12 AM 

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