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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ways to tick me off

You will know by reading this that I probably drive-through way too much. But one of my newest, biggest pet peeves are drive-through employees who don't bother to notice the beverage they are going to hand you is dripping down the side. In my passive aggressive manner, I always ask (sweetly), "Oh, do you have a napkin, this is dripping?" Inside I'm thinking, What the heck? Can't you feel the sticky, wetness on the outside of this cup? Is it that hard to care about me and my newish car?

Twice in two days this has happened. Yesterday when it was just too hot to talk about I hit Sonic for a Cherry Limeaid. Drip drip drip running down the side. This morning Starbucks, got the new green tea frappucino, oozing green liquid down the side. I think the heat's getting to me, but if I get one more sticky drink from a drive through, I might go all "Falling Down" or something.

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Commented by Blogger Random and Odd:

Sorry about the drippage. I don't like the green tea sewage that Starbucks has whipped up. ack!

11:48 AM 
Commented by Blogger Laura:

It's not quite what I hoped it would be. But I could not bring myself to order a hot drink this morning. By 9:45 a.m. it was already creeping into the 80s I think ... and I had already roasted poolside for 45 minutes. I probably should have ordered water! Then the drips wouldn't be so sticky!

12:24 PM 
Commented by Blogger bobo:

The number one thing that drives me crazy about drive through is when people show up with lists of thousands of items from work sites and sit there blocking the window as the staff makes 423 lattes with cinnamon and 211 with cocoa. Rule #1 of the drive through has to be: Keep it simple.

1:17 PM 

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