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Sunday, August 14, 2005

A conversation I'd rather avoid

(This is still not my Vegas observations, but I will mention Vegas in the following post... )

Sex is everywhere in Las Vegas. Scantily clad showgirls. Spanish-speaking guys (and even a few girls) trying to push their stripper/hooker/what-have-you flyers into your hands (give them credit, they are aggressive and annoying to adults, but when you have a child or two in tow, they tap their toe and look at the sky while you walk by!). Giant illuminated "billboards" advertising shows and such all with more scantily clad people. And of course statues of naked people ("Mommy, I just saw some things on that statue that Madison and I are not supposed to see." For that, I tried to explain the difference between plain old nakedness and art.)

And apparently it's time to have to "the talk" with Maxine. How did I realize this? When I was flipping through channels on the TV and there was some sort of surveillance-type video of two men kissing (I didn't spend but 3 seconds on that channel, I swear).

Maxine said to me and Madi, "That's sex."

I said, "Huh?"

"When two boys kiss, that's sex."

I said, no that's not sex. That's gay or homosexual, but not sex. And I told her that sometimes two boys love each other or two girls love each other and want to be married.

You can guess what came next.

"What's sex then?"

Really, I wasn't prepared for this one yet. The best I could come up with was something about it's what men and women do to have babies. (We'll get to the doing it for fun part much later.)

The next day, Maxine wasn't quite finished. She asked as we drove around town, "Mommy, do you and Daddy ever French kiss?"

I had to tell her the truth, which is sure we do but we did it a lot more before she and her sister were born.

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Commented by Blogger bobo:

Wow, our big event of the weekend was going on a Duck Tour of Boston. You climb aboard this big WWII amphibious vehicle and cruise around the streets and then the Charles River (I love that dirty water!). I'd tell you more but what happens in the Duck stays in the Duck... :>)

9:14 AM 
Commented by Blogger Laura:

Lucky Duck! :-)

Too funny! Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend.

9:42 PM 
Commented by Blogger Bobo:

According to our "oh so clever" tour guide the phrase "lucky duck" actually comes from these vehicles, if you made it ashore you were a "lucky duck." If you came under enemy fire in one of these then you were a "dead duck."

The fun part of the tour is that people on the streets start quacking at you as you drive by and then everyone on the bus is supposed to quack back. Sounds corny but the kids thought it was the best thing ever.

7:22 AM 
Commented by Blogger Admin:

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